Do you remember how many times you clicked: "Yes" or "I agree" online ? No ?

Legalstxt.org let you save your consents. More infos here.

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Legals.txt is also a proposal of standard for websites:

Generate legals.txt for your website (or mobile app):
Url to legal document
Title of the document


Tag the website:

Save your work and:

  1. let developers improve a fair web
  2. compare legal documents

Copy & Use:
On the left paste the url of the legal documents of your website.

Then choose the format and grab the output.

Click on demo to see an example.

Then click on 'save' to download your customized legals.txt file.

Here you'll find Meta tag support

You can download legals.txt file to upload in your website and we will save the urls to create a list of fair websites.